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- Available -

The kittens & cats on this page are available. Unless otherwise noted!

*Deposits are accepted from qualified buyers and taken in good faith.
Deposits are non-refundable should the buyer change his or her mind*

Kittens and cats will only be reserved with a deposit and signed sales agreement. A Reasonable amount of time will be granted for deposits to be paid, after that time the kitten will again be made available.

Kittens will ONLY leave my home between 12 and 17 weeks old,
depending on each individual kitten's development.

We do worldwide shipping!

Please ensure that you read and agree with our terms of sale before you enquire
about our kittens or cats.

Kittens for sale!

- Sales agreement -

The following kittens are available for reservation.

“We have some PET Quality kittens available at really LOW prices”
Please contact us to enquire about them.”

082 859 4987 or 082 450 9068 or 

Please email or phone me about available kittens / cats.

082 859 4987 or 082 450 9068